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NOTICE - The NIST WWV & WWVH stations are in danger of being defunded. These stations provide time signals over the air.

These signals are used in many applications, including HAM radio.

Here are some links to more information and online petitions against this defunding.

ARRL news article: "NIST FY 2019 Budget Would Eliminate WWV and WWVH"

ARRL news article: "Concern Rising within Amateur Radio Community over WWV-WWVH Shut Down Proposal"

Whitehouse.gov petition "The Proposed Shutdown of NIST's WWV and WWVH Radio Stations"

Whitehouse.gov petition "Maintain Funding for NIST Stations WWV & WWVH"

NOTICE - We are looking for radio operator volunteers to assit with supporting the Kootenai River Ride event on Septempber 15th.

NOTICE - The September Coffee Klatch has been moved to 9/22 due the KRR event on the usual date.


The amateur radio license exam schedule is available on the Activities - testing tab.


The W7BFI packet digipeater is now online and available for all to use. The frequency is 145.090 simplex, no tone.

There is the W7BFI digi, the W7BFI-1 PBBS (Packet Bulletin Board System) and the W7BFI-7 node. More information

will be made available here as it is compiled.


Club meetings are on the first Monday of each month at the Visitors Center in Bonners Ferry at 7:30pm.

Anyone interested in amateur radio is welcome. Friends and family as well.


ARES meetings have been combined with the BARC Club meetings.

Anyone interested in public service in amateur radio is welcome.



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