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Packet Information

W7BFI Node Information

Frequency - 145.090S, no tone
Hardware - GE Mastr II Repeater, Kantronics Kam98 TNC (manual), Diamond BC103 Commercial Wideband Antenna
Digipeater - OFFLINE
Alias - BLKMTN
Node - W7BFI-7

Located at 6000'+ on Black Mountain in Boundary Co., Northern Idaho. Open to all licensed hams.

Local Winlink Node

Frequency: 145.090S, no tone. Node does not have VARA support.


MixW - http://mixw.net/index.php?j=downloads
An Fldigi like program that has a packet mode.

HTPE - http://en.softonic.com/s/hyperterminal-windows-10
HyperTerm PrivateEdition. This is the hyperterm program from XP that you're familiar with. It will work on Win7 as well.

Outpost Packet Message System - http://www.outpostpm.org/
Use this package to easily access the PBBS located on the digipeater. Can be very useful during emergencies.


Packet Tutorial - http://www.choisser.com/packet

Winlink - www.winlink.org
This is the repository and home of all Winlink related software. You will find RMS Express here as well as other clients.

Spokane Area Packet Info - http://www.felge.us/SpokWinlinkGates.html
Has some maps as well as how-to info.

RMS EXpress scripts - http://www.felge.us/RMSPac.pdf
These are scripts used with RMS Express for navigating the packet network.

Packet map - http://www.felge.us/SpokNS.pdf
This is the local Spokane area packet map. You will find W7BFI in the upper right corner.